Mentorship Program – Mentoring/Guiding

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Mentorship Program – Mentoring/Guiding Our Beneficiaries

A mentor can bring a significant change in the life of a student. The objective of the program is to guide the beneficiaries in both their academics and non-academics. To monitor and groom the performance of each beneficiary we assign a volunteer who will take charge of mentor role and guide the student in all means. The mentors will be in constant touch with his/her student either through phone or email or meeting them in person. The mentors act as a second parent in identifying and sorting out the issues of the student. Mentors groom their wards to cultivate open flexible attitude towards learning, thus underlining the importance of learning from every aspect of life and helps the students to achieve their goals and eventually succeed in life. The mentor holds the hand of the mentee and teaches him / her to overcome obstacles and challenges, build character & personality, adapt to different environments, inculcate values and help to stay focused on the goal. This program helps to effectively build the students' personality and help them develop into a competent and socially responsible individual.